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Auntie Mo Kids Radio

Auntie Mo Kids Radio, is an all-positive internet radio station offering 24/7 children and parents oriented programmes. The station broadcasts education, entertainment and information content suitable for African children worldwide from kindergarten stage up to 8+ years old. Special daily spots also educate parents about the various ways to approach challenges relating to raising children. Auntie Mo Kids Radio can be found on the home page of

Library Aid

Our "Library Aid" project will equip some community and school libraries in Nigeria with educational and leisure books. We need book donors small and big . Public libraries in Nigeria suffer from poor equipment , outdated books and bare book shelves. Much of this has been due to poor funding. The non-availability of up-to-date library materials makes people to lose interest in libraries, and also places the indigent who rely much on free resources at educational disadvantage.

Educate An African Child With Less Than $100

A 7" Android tablet which costs less than $100 to acquire could indeed become the key to substantially improving the lives of educationally disadvantaged children in Africa.

OpenGriot Support Appeal

The use of learning resources derived from a child's familiar environment has been shown to reinforce self-confidence and to give the child a feeling of security. This consequently helps the child build a rounded personality and to be better able to interact constructively with both the native culture as well as other cultures. Children brought up on reading books from un-familiar cultural perspectives tend to become culturally insecure .

Datawind donates tablets to Cognisci Foundation

Datawind donated twelve UbiSlate 7Ci tablets to enable disadvantaged children have access to our OpenGriot project. These equipment are to be distributed free of charge mainly to orphanages .

The device includes WiFi & GPRS connectivity allowing anytime & anywhere internet access through sim and phone functionality. Optional 3G modems are also supported via USB. In addition to a micro-SD card slot, a full-sized USB port is integrated into the unit allowing pen-drives, external keyboards, web-cams, dongles and other inexpensive peripherals to be attached.

Features of Tablet:

Download Matters of the Heart book free for your Android device.

Matters of The Heart is an educational story set in The Union Club, a social club where two doctors have been invited to educate members on how to minimise their chances of contracting a cardiovascular disease , and how to improve their chances of surviving one. :

Find volunteers and resources for your local projects

Developing local communities takes a lot of time and money.It also involves a lot of planning ; and the task of planning requires access to current information about human resources available locally for projects .It requires You !
Also, when emergency situations such as epidemics and natural disasters arise , these situations can usually be quickly brought under control with minimum loss to lives and property, if the right persons can be quickly brought to the rescue. You !
You can help develop Africa just by signing up for an African project.

Free Electronic Medical Records Software

Ànfàní EHR , developed by Cognisci ISTD Foundation,- an easy to use and electronic health records framework for hospitals and health centers . The Ànfàní EHR project project was initially created for developing countries, so ease of use was a priority. The basic system which is just for medical records keeping. It offers following features:
- Electronic records forms
- File uploads - Image uploads
- Other media uploads -(audio, video)
- Live image capture via webcam or other digital camera
- Internationalization - Interface translation in English, French, Spanish , Portuguese, Arabic.

Junior school multiplication table quiz for Android

Turn your phone into a learning center for your kids. This junior school multiplication table quiz helps your child learn their multiplication tables from 2 to 10 . This application is built to run on android devices.


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