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45+PLUS Older and Senior Citizens Project

As we get older, most of us seem to become irrelevant to the scheme of the world around us. The older we become, the more we are sidelined by society and sadly even by family. As senior citizens, life gets worse as living and livelihood become lonelier and more arduous because there isn’t enough concern about the issues that matter to you, such as medical, legal, mobility, and companionship.

AGE CONCERNS: 45 PLUS is a project of CISTD Foundation - a technology-centered NGO which employs user-level technologies to address common community challenges. The mission statement of this project is: Giving newer life to older citizens.

AGE CONCERNS: 45+PLUS actively works at improving the daily lives of persons in middle age and seniors groups, counseling on ways to optimize health and lifestyle.

AGE CONCERNS: 45+PLUS regularly organizes online and physical programs for this age group, through social media activities.
1. A magazine website, supported by several other social media services renders constant advice on issues relating to health, lifestyle, and finances. It is located at .
2. An ongoing teleseminar program also regularly educates subscribers in the target group and from all over the country on how to manage various relevant issues
3. A current plan involves the organization of a national network of encouragers and enablers to render street-level physical support

Donate to the AGE CONCERNS: 45+PLUS project :
Bank: Ecobank Plc Nigeria
Account name: Cognisci Foundation
Account Number: 2083001364

Dial : *YOUR BANK CODE*AMOUNT*2083001364#

45+ PLUS - Giving a NEWER life to our OLDER CITIZENS