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Code Eaglets

The aim of Code Eaglets is to empower teenagers through hands-on and mentoring programs with productive, cutting-edge Software Engineering skills, which will enable them become the necessary building blocks for a modern, economically emancipated Nigeria.

Code Eaglets - The Mission
Code Eaglets aims to excite, educate, and empower vibrant teenagers to acquire skills and confidence in technology through interactive after-school programs. The programs will focus on helping the participants develop the necessary technology skills and aptitudes to participate in and be future leaders of the innovation economy of Nigeria and worldwide.
Code Eaglets program aims to offers workshops, online courses, hackathons, and competitions that will give participants practice and experience with software development. Workshops will focus on developing simple and industrial-quality web apps; online courses will provide direct mentorship for more advanced learning; hackathons will help students develop project portfolios for higher career paths. Periodical competitions will bring participants together to compete at developing their own projects.

Code Eaglets - The Vision
Technology is the fuel that runs the world today. There is significant social and economic inequity created when people from developing countries aren’t able to participate in the technology and innovation economies. A self-sustaining Nigeria of the future needs software professionals as necessary resources to uplift every aspect of the social and economic spheres.

It is projected that within five years, the Code Eaglets program will reach 10,000 of prime youths, with up to 1,000 having significant life-impacting experiences in the planned software engineering field. Of this latter group, more than 60% of these participants should become future software developers, data engineers, startup founders, and venture capitalists.

Code Eaglets - How to Give
Zelle : 470-727-0678

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