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Educate An African Child With Less Than $100

A 7" Android tablet which costs less than $100 to acquire could indeed become the key to substantially improving the lives of educationally disadvantaged children in Africa.

We got some free from Datawind Limited ( and loaded them with some more free apps including native educational apps for children, online lesson resources apps , online educational libraries apps, online leisure libraries including our own OpenGriot (www.opengriot,org) localised books library apps , and a load of other free book downloads. We then gave them out free to a local orphanage for use of the children.

How useful have these devices been?
• Physically challenged children, who typically have limited access to formal tuition, have consequently found an alternative way to carry on with their education, remotely, conveniently and independently.
• Educationally disadvantaged children in remote locations, as well as from indigent neighbourhoods now have an alternative way to access education at minimal cost and at great convenience.
• Resources-challenged institutions now have a means of delivering educational instructions to their pupils, without substantial capital investment in physical infrastructure and manpower.
• With addition of free wi-fi , a potential channel has been provided for the delivery of new skill acquisition and improvement projects to parents .

How can you help?
You can help us to give more of these devices to educationally disadvantaged and physically challenged children. With $100 you can give new hopes to another African child.


Cognisci ISTD Foundation is registered as a non-profit organisation and able to receive donations.

To donate for support of our projects please use the following bank details.
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These are some ways that you may donate to our projects :

- Frequent flyer miles for use of our conference guests
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- Your services for our fundraising projects
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- Cash for our administration support.