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Nigeria Grass Roots Development Volunteers

The Goal of NIGERIA GRASS ROOTS DEVELOPMENT VOLUNTEERS (NGRDV is to support the improvement of life of vulnerable and marginalized community groups in selected poverty stricken and resource scarce areas in Nigeria focusing more on rural areas and urban slums.
To promote effectiveness, wide reach and sustainability of projects/programs, NGRDV will work with organized, legally registered community groups, structures and institutions of learning in the implementation of age-appropriate, rights based, gender sensitive, cultural responsive and environmentally friendly community based poverty reduction programs.
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These will include Community Based Development& other Civil Society Organizations including, International Development agencies and institutions, Foundations, FBOs, Youth groups, development partners including development agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations, Research &learning institutions, the private sector and community technical resource persons.

Strategic Issues / Interventions:
NGRDV is addressing key strategic issues arising from our review of the environment both internally and externally.
• Citizens’ participation in the undertaking and decision making in all matters affecting their lives including implementation of the new constitution and the devolution governments’ plans.
• Economic empowerment for marginalized groups.
• Community access and utilization of local resources
• Impacts of Environmental degradation and Climate Change
• Youth and Women Social-Economic Empowerment.
• Strengthening Weak household safety nets
• Violation of Children’s rights (Strengthened Child Protection Interventions)
• Strategic partnerships in development.

Strategic Approaches
NGRDV has adopted two strategic approaches in all that it does. These are mainstreamed in all program engagements.
• Capacity Development (both Organizational development& programmatic)
• Lobbying, Advocacy and Influencing policy
• Networking, Collaborations and Partnerships
• Linkages

Thematic Areas of Focus:
The work of NGRDV is categorized into four strategic themes outlined below
1) Democracy, Citizen’s Participation and Governance: Here we are promoting citizens’ awareness and participation in devolved governments’ planning& decision making, service delivery, equitable distribution of resources, their active participation in the management of their counties and enhancing the Capacities and governance of grassroots CSOs and public institutions among others.
2) Economic Livelihoods: The key programs supported under this thematic area include: Natural Resource Management with Agriculture &Livelihoods as key component, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Conservation/Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation, Agri-Business capacity development and livelihoods, Gender in Value Chain promotion among others.
3) Social Protection: Under this thematic area, we are supporting Human Rights, Quality Basic Education including Early Childhood Care Development & Education Programmes, Child Protection, Women and Girl Child empowerment, Youth Social economic empowerment, Health promotion, strengthening the family safety nets and psycho-social support. Youth Adolescence, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.
4) Organizational Development: We are strengthening both the organizational and institutional capacities of NGRDV and the affiliated grassroots CSOs for effective &quality service delivery and realization of sustainable development.