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Our projects

1.0 .Library Aid -We are organising a "Library Aid" project which will stock some community and school libraries in Nigeria with educational and leisure books. Shipping books in a 40-foot containers could cost us almost $20,000 to ship, warehouse and distribute ; a lage amount since we are not funded. We need book donors small and big . You, your organisation and community can assist us to make even a little difference in improving literacy in ours. Give books or give donation to procure them.

2.0 .Learning and Health Management Systems and Projects - Development , aggregation and dissemination of resource for poverty alleviation and health management projects. This to be implemented by :
• Creating appropriate software and hardware development to facilitate access to resources across devices and taking into consideration local situations.
• Workshops at local level to disseminate information on access to resources

3.0 Children Literature Localization Projects - development and implementation of localization projects for public domain literary works to make them more accessible in the education of children . The project ( is implemented by :
• Collection and classification of suitable public domain works , as well as solicitation of other works for inclusion under Creative Commons licenses.
• Creating an online framework for co-development of resources across various genre and languages as well as software to facilitate access to resources across devices.